Saturday, March 26, 2016

Let's Praise the Good Days

Today was a GOOD day.

It is hard to live a life where the bad days outweigh the good ones. But, such is my life. I made a vow to myself many years ago to not complain. Don't get me wrong, I complained & threw pity parties internally quite often, but I put a smile on my face & conquered the world. Over the last year that has become increasingly harder to do. The bad days weigh me down so fully. They seep joy out of the smallest things. They leak over into my marriage and my social life. They've successfully infiltrated my hobbies & my relaxation time(s). I hate the bad days. I loathe them. During every single one I wonder how my life ended up this way. I wonder how I will continue on this path. I wonder "why me, God?" I wonder if my husband loves me. I wonder if I'll ever be a mom. I wonder if anyone cares. I wonder if I'm a good enough puppy mom. I wonder so many things that my mind spins on its axis nonstop (or should I say atlas? A little Chiropractic humor for ya there). I can literally drive myself insane. So then I take a nap. 

But the good days. Oh God, how I adore them. The good days are absolutely amazing. The good days are worth living! The good days are what my life is all about. The good days are the days where anything is possible and I am worth all the love in the world. The good days. I love them. 

Today was a good day. 

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