Friday, March 25, 2016

Fearfully Waiting....

I began Thursday morning with a Cardiology appointment. I was dressed to go straight to work, but when leaving the house I thought "maybe I should bring my tennis shoes, don't stress tests involve a treadmill??" And yes, yes they do. So I was thankful to have those! My husband accompanied me to the appointment. Little did we know we would be there for almost five hours. FIVE. HOURS! I do have to say I really liked my Cardiologist. He was kind & actually listened without once trying to cut me off. He never came across condescending and was not a jerk! I think part of me was most anxious about that part. He took our concerns seriously & was shocked that no one had ever said anything. He had copies of my old echos & literally came into the room and said "so you have pulmonary hypertension?" 

After our consult appointment, we moved into the testing phase which involved a lot of waiting. He performed a nuclear stress test which involves an IV with radioactive dye injected into it. Then you wait 30 minutes, lay down to be scanned, then perform the walking on the treadmill with a significant incline, then more dye is injected & you are scanned again. Then I had a new echocardiogram performed. In the office they had done an EKG already & of course measured my systemic blood pressure. 

And now we wait. Of course Friday is a holiday for their office (Good Friday). They said I should hear something early next week. If the echo still indicates pulmonary hypertension, I will be going in for a right heart catheterization (RHC). If it indicates any other issues, I'll be undergoing a RHC and a left heart catheterization

I'm simply trying to remain calm and am hoping for the best. Pulmonary hypertension CAN reverse/resolve itself if the underlying condition is treated (if you're suffering from secondary PH). If my earlier PH was due to sleep apnea (which I had, but do no longer) or CREST (which has significantly improved & resolved itself over the last 5 years, I'll write about this soon), than maybe I have nothing to worry about. We shall see! 

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