Sunday, October 27, 2013

It's Just Emmy Garland Exchange

I've really discovered Instagram {finally}. I know some people don't get the whole "picture thing," but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE photos. I still will sit and look at albums from childhood, from my parent's childhood, from my grandparent's childhood! I absolutely love the convenience of technology - where I can think of something & pull it up on my phone or computer & not even have to leave where I'm sitting to see 'just how short was that hair cut in 2011?'

I enjoy Instagram not for any artsy-fartsy reasoning, that actually kind of annoys me when a photo is so overprocessed that it looks fake. What's the point? I mean really - what's the point? You've taken something from your life & created something false. I love documenting life. I'm not a photographer. I'm a documenter. I take selfies. I'm first to admit it. In two years I might want to see what my hair looked like back when or just how broken out was my face when I thought it was a freaking pepperoni pizza? I love photographing my house, my husband, my cats, my dogs, my environment. As I've gone through life I've learned the things that I really & truly wish I'd documented better. With the beauty of cell phone camera's, digital photography & Instagram, I can easily do that. 'What did I put on the top of my Christmas tree last year.... ????' - Oh! Let me look.... it's as simple as that. I LOVE it!

But there's also entire 'groups' on Instagram & I've become enmeshed in the adoption group. These are the ladies who are all friends in real life, via their blogs, their Instagram accounts. They've either adopted or are in the process of adoption. They all support one another & hold fundraisers. They share their disappointments and joys. They're really an amazing group of women. Emmy {really, it's just emmy} held a fundraising garland exchange in October that I took part in. It was my first Instagram swap (which is awesome by the way) - you sign up, pay $5 to help raise funds to help with a family's adoption fees, are assigned a partner & then go to town secretly stalking them & trying to figure out what they would LOVE!

My partner was Megan of a Simply Smitten life. She's awesome. A photographer, an Etsy shop owner. She sews! She creates! I took the information from the sign-up form such as colors she likes, things she doesn't like, etc. and went to town! I knew that she sometimes sews in an upstairs area that appears kind of dark. So I wanted to offer her something just to brighten that area {or whatever area she's working in at the time}. I picked bright papers, a cardboard type banner, and some burlap circles and brainstormed!

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