Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pinterest Party

Last night I had a few lovely ladies over for a Pinterest-style party. We each brought recipes from our pins and we did a Pinterest-worthy craft! We had some amazing chicken enchiladas, grape salad, cookies & cupcakes of various kinds, German meatballs, cheese dip with crackers & queso with chips! We had a punch from recipe I actually found on & my friend Amanda held her Soda Stream House Party at the same time. Fun was had by all & everyone enjoyed our craft time together as well! 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Blustery Day in the Neighborhood

Today was the PERFECT day for me to get my carpets professionally cleaned. It was pouring rain, leaves are ankle high, and the wind whippin' them up and around! It was quite the day. But even on a dreary rainy autumn day in Nebraska.... there's still beauty.

And after quite awhile in the living room {alone}, I was curious where my pets were. This is what I found....

But at least it didn't snow! And at least it's not expected to snow! So there's that. And we're all snug as bugs in a rug inside. 

I took this one the other evening at IHOP up the road: 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

It's Just Emmy Garland Exchange

I've really discovered Instagram {finally}. I know some people don't get the whole "picture thing," but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE photos. I still will sit and look at albums from childhood, from my parent's childhood, from my grandparent's childhood! I absolutely love the convenience of technology - where I can think of something & pull it up on my phone or computer & not even have to leave where I'm sitting to see 'just how short was that hair cut in 2011?'

I enjoy Instagram not for any artsy-fartsy reasoning, that actually kind of annoys me when a photo is so overprocessed that it looks fake. What's the point? I mean really - what's the point? You've taken something from your life & created something false. I love documenting life. I'm not a photographer. I'm a documenter. I take selfies. I'm first to admit it. In two years I might want to see what my hair looked like back when or just how broken out was my face when I thought it was a freaking pepperoni pizza? I love photographing my house, my husband, my cats, my dogs, my environment. As I've gone through life I've learned the things that I really & truly wish I'd documented better. With the beauty of cell phone camera's, digital photography & Instagram, I can easily do that. 'What did I put on the top of my Christmas tree last year.... ????' - Oh! Let me look.... it's as simple as that. I LOVE it!

But there's also entire 'groups' on Instagram & I've become enmeshed in the adoption group. These are the ladies who are all friends in real life, via their blogs, their Instagram accounts. They've either adopted or are in the process of adoption. They all support one another & hold fundraisers. They share their disappointments and joys. They're really an amazing group of women. Emmy {really, it's just emmy} held a fundraising garland exchange in October that I took part in. It was my first Instagram swap (which is awesome by the way) - you sign up, pay $5 to help raise funds to help with a family's adoption fees, are assigned a partner & then go to town secretly stalking them & trying to figure out what they would LOVE!

My partner was Megan of a Simply Smitten life. She's awesome. A photographer, an Etsy shop owner. She sews! She creates! I took the information from the sign-up form such as colors she likes, things she doesn't like, etc. and went to town! I knew that she sometimes sews in an upstairs area that appears kind of dark. So I wanted to offer her something just to brighten that area {or whatever area she's working in at the time}. I picked bright papers, a cardboard type banner, and some burlap circles and brainstormed!

Friday, September 13, 2013

A week in the life.

This week was an okay week. Although things are pretty topsy-turvy in our family right now (deployment, moving, etc.), I'm handling it pretty well. We took the dogs to the dog park & lake again, which they LOVE. I shared my homemade ribbon holder for a photo-a-day challenge. I really need to get back into my craft room. I miss it. But I'm just so tired. All. Of. The. Time. I took an amazing pic of a dragonfly at the park. I just love them. Beautiful little creatures. Until one lands on me..... then it's on like Donkey Kong. 

We went to a hot air balloon fest & took a quick got lost in the corn maze while waiting on the glow to start. I woke up to a broken air conditioner one morning. Not really the way you want to start your day. But then you remember you have a home warranty & the anxiety ceases. It basically cost us $5 to have a part replaced/repaired. I had a massage that same day by my go-to-gal, whom I absolutely adore. We've budgeted for me to have them every other week because they help tremendously. I wish I could just use them for relaxation, but for me it's essentially a therapy. Too bad insurance doesn't agree, right? 

Fall kind of arrived this week after our last heat wave (100's are supposed to be back in LA, not here). It's now nice & cool in the mornings & in the evenings. We enjoyed some time on our back deck this evening (after fretting over knot holes that we either have to repair or replace entire pieces of wood). It's always something, right? ALWAYS. Home ownership is never relaxing. I started a Precept Upon Precept study this week & am very much looking forward to it. 

I had  really bad day today. It started with a Cortisol test, for which I had to take a dose of steroids last night. Thankfully I slept well & the phlebotomist did a good job. I came home & took a nap that ended up lasting four hours, had an ocular migraine for the first time in months, and all around just felt like crap. I'm getting really tired of it. Let me rephrase - I'm TIRED OF IT. I hate this disease (Scleroderma/Morphea) & I hate what it's doing to me right now. I went to the Dermatologist this week for the first time since my positive biopsies in late April on the new spot on my neck. We're starting an aggressive treatment due to its location. I do not want it spreading to my head or face. I've heard if it gets into your hair line that it can cause no hair to grow there. Wouldn't that be lovely? Just great. So I'm using two steroid creams & a new steroid tape at night (Cordran tape) over one of the creams. We'll see. He also gave me a prescription for a handheld light machine since his office is a good 30 minutes away. When I last did light therapy, I went three times a week. The insurance won't approve it more than likely, but since we're rocking the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace, we can afford it! 

Sunday was Grandparent's Day. I don't have any living grandparents anymore & I miss them dearly. On the top left is my paternal grandparents - granny & granddaddy. On the bottom right is my maternal grandmother & her 2nd husband who I always considered my grandfather, but simply was called 'James'. I never met my biological maternal grandfather. He died when my mom was a young adult. My husband & I, as well as our friends, had a great evening out at the hot air balloon fest.

Looking forward to what this week has in store for me! Hopefully some good days....

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer Vacation - day four

Day One, Day Two, Day Three

This fourth & final full day of our summer vacation started off on an interesting note. I had a pop-tart for breakfast, a diet coke, took my vitamins & was feeling a wee bit queasy. We left the front office of the Horse Thief campground & my husband started taking some of those turns (Horse Thief is on the road that goes straight into Custer & Needles Highway). I told him he'd better pull over - I was going to throw up - and sure 'nuff! We're right on the other side of a curve in the road, sitting 3/4 on the gravel, 1/4 on the road & I'm barfing all in the weeds. It was quite interesting. We carried on & eventually I felt fine, but that was a first for me. Our first stop for the day was going to be Devil's Tower in Wyoming, so we were in the for the long haul. We hit the road - next stop - Devil's Tower! I'm SO thankful that we did NOT listen to the people who said "it's not worth it" (said in a whiny voice, just so you know). 

I highly HIGHLY recommend the hike all the way around the base of the tower. It was awesome with some phenomenal views. It's longer than you think it's going to be & sometimes I thought it was never going to end, but it was worth the fatigue! 

We ate lunch at the little store right outside the entrance (there's nothing else in the area & we were turning north). It's a great little place to stop for a snack. We turned left outside of the park to head north towards Montana. I wanted my husband to be able to say he'd been 'to' Montana!  I got to go in May/June when my mom had her stroke & we try to keep our tally pretty even ;) Let me just say... Oh. My. Lord. that was the most amazingly beautiful drive we've ever EVER taken. If you happen to find yourself at Devil's Tower on a awesome sunshiny day, turn north & head for Montana via back roads. You will NOT regret it. EVER.

After entering back into South Dakota, we stopped off in Belle Fourche at the Center of the Nation Monument. This was really interesting & there's a little cabin there that has a lot of history itself. We walked through it & spoke with the woman working, learned a few things & then began to make our way back towards the Black Hills. 

We detoured across the Spearfish Canyon , through Deadwood & then Sturgis. After that, we hopped onto the interstate & made our way back to camp. 

Literally within minutes of building our fire it began raining. We had to eat under our dining canopy & then run for cover in the tent. It rained ALL night & flooded the entire floor of our tent. We had drips coming through the screen at the top, even though the rain fly was on. It was adventurous, but I'm glad that we can keep a good attitude about things like that. Even though our tent threatened to blow away a few times, we slept like rocks! LOL :) 

Hope you've enjoyed hearing about our amazing summer vacation! I hope you can make it to the Black Hills sometime. I really would love to make it back before we move back to the South, but that's just not going to happen. Next trip: Chicago. Tenth wedding anniversary! Yay!!

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