Sunday, June 10, 2012

Overcoming barriers. {literally}

Yesterday I took part in the Omaha area Warrior Dash. You need to understand a few things about me. 
1) I'm no runner. 
2) I'm not physically fit. 
3) I'm pretty darn lazy. 

So to participate in such an obstacle course 5k was nothing short of a miracle for me. Seriously. I said a few prayers during the event. I wanted to quit {about 3 minutes in} & I thought I was surely going to die. 

But I did it. 

And now I can say I'm a warrior. {quite possibly a stupid one}

I want to stress to you - HARDEST. THING. I'VE. EVER. DONE. 12 obstacles & 3.3 miles. 

Summer Tubing

Sometimes it seems as if we don't have a lot of water around here - landlocked in the Midwest. But that comes from this south Louisiana girl who spent most of the last 6 years on the Mississippi Gulf Coast living right on the water. So it's nice sometimes to dip our toes into a local river. One such river is the Elkhorn (I don't think you could get me to go into the Missouri River). A friend & I went tubing - having a fantastic time.

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Landscaping: baby steps

We bought our house almost two years ago. Hard to believe we've lived in Nebraska for almost two years. We've traveled home twice (technically three times - my husband went without me once) in that time frame, so we're doing pretty good! We aren't sure what happened last summer - maybe it was just settling in to our lives here or maybe we were sad. Who knows - but we do know {& now see} that we did NOTHING last summer. I'm not really quite sure what we did every weekend, but it must have involved a dark room, a couch, books, & sleep. So this spring/summer we've been playing catch-up & I think we will be until the fall. We did a tiny bit of landscaping in our back yard this weekend. And I also found a lovely {weird} little creature! 

{weird little} creature

Future sitting area (we want to get stones & make a large square area for our fire pit, 
bench, chairs, etc.) But for now this will do.

Just a little landscaping around a backyard tree.

Future sitting area

I. LOVE. this bench. 

And my flowers are doing really well :) 

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