Monday, January 17, 2011

It's a cart! It's a trolley! It's green banana!

Alrighty! Who's ready for the big reveal!? Last night, I said I would share my finished cart today. It's been a crazy-busy day, thus why I'm so late, but I hope you'll enjoy it nonetheless! Last week, I went to the Last Chance Goodwill with my bestie Jessi. I stumbled upon & came home with this:

You can find the new Inspiration for my craft room here, take a look if you haven't already. Now as with any inspiration, it took a few days for me to truly figure out {in my lil' ole head} what I wanted to do with this table. BUT, I knew I needed it to hold my printer on the bottom & my Cricut on the top. After racking my brain, I came home with a can of 'Green Banana' paint. Since it remained in the teens & 20's all week, I had to set up shop in the middle of our living room. And due to the fact that is was in the teens & 20's, I got no photos of that process because I was so highly annoyed. You try setting up shop in the middle of a living room in which a man is watching football, a dog is sniffing the paint, & a cat is threatening to jump on your freshly painted surface. All the while you're getting high on paint fumes.

So all I have to offer you is the finished product! Enjoy :)

Here we are still in the living room:

And here we are in our new corner:

How about with my desk tray from yesterday!?
Look how cute!! {squeal}

Perrrrrrrrrfect for Ms. Cricut :)

I hope you enjoyed my rolling cart/table/stand & as one of my new Australian friends called it, trolley, transformation! Aggravation aside, I really enjoyed the process. The circles on top are traced round objects (terra cotta pot top & bottom & Mod Podge bottom) & then I freehanded the paint into the circles. That took the longest! The circles on the front edges were made with different size foam round stamps. I then glazed the entire front side & top with my glossy Mod Podge.

Total cost? Technically $9.98, but my "green banana" paint is still 90% full. It was $7.00 & I have plenty more to use it on, so I say $1.00 of it was used on the cart. If you recall, the cart itself was $2.98. The white paint was left at our house from the previous owner!

So, total investment: $3.98
How rockin' is that!?

And I'll just close with a shot of the Mod Podged tray I posted yesterday
on my "desk" {i.e. craft table} Isn't it going to be lovely when all is said & done!? It's the only punch of insane color in the whole house :) Maybe I'll have to play some 80's Madonna as I craft. What do you think?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mod Podged Desk Tray

Of course I spent my Saturday night in Hobby Lobby, you didn't? I actually spent all of my spending money for the week in there! And as I was about to leave, I saw this small tray and it sparked an idea. I need a tray on my craft table to corral all my junk so that when I need to use the entire table space at once I can pick up just a simple tray... come on, you know you want one too :)

Recently I talked about inspiration for redoing my craft room. And as soon as I saw this tray, I knew what the end result would be. So I got a little lime green paint, one sheet of scrapbook paper, my handy bottle of Glossy Mod Podge, my ribbon you can see in the Inspiration post, & tools (i.e. scissors, paper cutter, paint sponges, etc). And here is the end result:

I absolutely LOVE it & it was truly simple & cheap! I'd have to say my total investment in this is no more than $4. The tray was $2.99 & everything else I already had. And.... now I have something to hold all the junk that clutters the table. Simply pick it up & move it when I need to utilize all of that space the 'junk' now calls home! And it is going to look SO good with this:


you'll see! Come back tomorrow b/c that baby is complete! :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Last Chance Goodwill?


So I found this cart at the Last Chance Goodwill in Omaha. What's a last chance goodwill, you ask? Thanks for asking, I'd love to tell you about it! ;) It is a Goodwill store where items go for their last chance for a sale, so to speak. You walk in & there are aisles of big blue carts/tubs (like 7 feet long & a foot or two deep) & you literally dig for stuff! Furniture lines the walls & there is a nice large family of ficus trees! Furniture is sold with a solid price - usually marked on the piece in marker. The other stuff is sold by the pound. Up to 20 lbs is like $1.37/lb. It's GREAT! When you checkout, you literally push your buggy up on a SCALE & it is weighed. CASH ONLY, but they do have an ATM in the store. You also bag your own purchaes. Check it out & look into your own community to find a last chance goodwill store! They don't always go by that name (ours is listed under a regular Goodwill name), but call any of your local stores (or corporate) & tell them you are looking for a PAY BY THE POUND store. Granted if you get a regular cashier they may tell you they have no idea what you're talking about, so try to call your main Goodwill Industries in your area. 

So, make a guess at how much you think I paid for this. I realized I did not have ANYWHERE in my craft room for my new printer that I got for Christmas. Then I got the Cricut, I've got my photo printer, and a few other items that really needed a place to live.

And this baby will do it ALL! She was only TWO DOLLARS AND NINETY SEVEN CENTS! You are correct. I said $2.97. Rock on! Right? And she is getting a full-fledged makeover. It's already in progress and I CAN NOT wait to share with you later this week!!! Whoo Hoo!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Some doohickie repair & unexpected gifts!


good things
Come to Those Who Wait... ???

I've had this antique dresser for three years. It was my grandfather Robbins'. My dad inherited it when his daddy passed and when they sold their house I acquired it. Through the many long years a lot of the hardware had fallen off, but my momma never lost a piece. I finally took the time to sit down (& quit ignoring) it and do a little repair... now I can access all the drawers without using the nubs of my fingers.

It went pretty well...

I was able to add FOUR handles! Yes, take a look above & realize that four of those babies were MISSING in action.

Now. I need some more of these little doohickies:

And even more of these...

(But I think I will have to use modern day nuts because I'm not quite sure I will find any of these)

But I'm proud to say, I actually took the time to do something so simple, yet it's remained 'undone' for oh, probably at least 15 years. First by my mom & then by me! Sometimes I find it's the simplest things in life that go 'undone'.

I remember a little saying one time about how we go back & forth over one little thing on the carpet, with the vacuum, & we'll do it for seconds on end until finally we either move away from that thing that will just NOT suck up, or we finally bend over, pick it up & toss it into our pocket or trashcan. I've even been known to pick it up, throw it down in a different spot to see if the vacuum would THEN suck it up!!! Why!? That makes no sense whatsoever! Yes we ALL do crazy things like that all. of. the. time!

My day ended on a wonderful note - my best friend returned from her Christmas hiatus & she brought us a lovely gift basket full of goodies! We pet sat for them while they were gone & watched their house. I even watered a few plants. Go me! It's like I'm learning to be domestic or something ;) But regardless, it's always nice to be thanked with something special:




And a little Christmas ornament, a Weather book for The Weatherman, and two Yooper chocolate bars - one for each of us  (yes, one is already missing) ;)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gumball Machine: A Personalized Gift

Well hello there folks! I wanted to go ahead and throw something out there simply to whet your appetite. In September, I discovered the cutest handmade candy jar over at A Pumpkin And A Princess. I made one for Halloween, ended up having to tweek it a bit & realized just how much I loved it. In the back of my mind were ideas for dozens more - for every holiday and occasion!

When my parents came to our new house for the first time in early November, my Halloween decor was still out. My mom adored my black Halloween candy jar - filled with her favorite - candy corn! When they left I surprised her with one for the road and I filled it with all sorts of mixed peanuts! I know they both enjoy peanuts!!

Typically (like the one @ A Pumpking And A Princess) you can tie a ribbon around the bottom of the glass vase so you won't see the glue. I first tried using my hot glue gun with my Halloween jar, but a few days later when I went to move it, it came off! So I went back & used some glass/ceramic, etc. glue found in a tube in the Craft section of (almost) any store.

It's easy as pie! All you  need is to go to a store such as Michael's, peruse their terra cotta pot section for awhile. Step over to the glass candle holder aisle & pick up one of those round vases (several to choose from). Step back over to the terra cotta pots & mix/match until you find what you like. I've made variations of tall pots with rounder glass vases and shorter pots with smaller vases. Make sure your top (terra cotta drip plate) is smaller than your pot or it will look goofy: (example)

First trip out, I failed to buy the smaller 'lid' & ended up with a craft dud! I later painted & added the correct lid.

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