Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: A Review

January 2010
 I made my first homemade King Cake for Epiphany on January 6th

 February 2010
Our New Orleans Saints WON the Superbowl!

March 2010
We began spending as much time outdoors as possible to enjoy our last spring/summer in the South & living on the beach!

April 2010
Our beautiful angel, Chloe, passed away extremely suddenly after having a seizure on our kitchen floor. She was almost 11 years old. We shed many tears for our sweet lil' girl.

May 2010
I traveled to Omaha, NE by plane (my 2nd time ever) on a 5 day, whirlwind house hunting trip!

June 2010
We began preparing in earnest for our July move to the Midwest, after one particularly long day of prep-work, we ate dinner at a seafood restaurant we'd never been to. This guy was in the entryway aquarium. Quite interesting!

July 2010
We drove over 1000 miles in 2.5 days from the gulf coast of Mississippi to the cornfields of Nebraska!

August 2010
I spent every waking minute making our house a HOME

September 2010
We spent every ounce of free time on road trips around the area, sight seeing, and photographing our new "home"

October 2010
We went to our first pumpkin patch! And we came home with a few pumpkins

November 2010
We had our first visitors - my parents came for about a week & we spent a day sight seeing & stopped in for a whirl at a lovely state park

December 2010
Our first Christmas in our new home, just the two of us & our four legged kids

Our year was SO much more complex than that, but those are 12 pictures that truly represent what happened in our lives this past year. We were blessed beyond comprehension & experienced more than either of us have probably ever exerienced in any single year in our 30+ years on Earth. We can only hope that 2011 will bring many more new experiences to our little humble lives!

New Year's Eve Past

Happy New Year! We have no plans this NYE for the first time in many years. Even an NCIS Marathon classified as "plans" in 2007! I believe the last time we did absolutely nothing would have to be 2005, more than likely - my husband was probably working. That's the last time we were stationed somewhere with shift work, as we are here. Because I was blessed with his presence for several days of leave this Christmas, I will do without for NYE. He'll go into work around ten & I won't see him until the next morning. But, all is well. NYE has never been a huge deal to us & I'll probably watch tv & craft!!! I'm actually looking forward to it. We are not party people & an evening of doing only what I want to do sounds like something right up my alley. But I'd like to share the past few years with you....

2010: we celebrated with my parents at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi, MS

2009: we celebrated in downtown Natchitoches, LA for their fireworks show

2008: We stayed at home in our Beach Cottage & watched fireworks on the beach

2007: Our first NYE in our Beach Cottage (this is not a photo of that) we started with an NCIS Season set we got from 'Santa' & continued on with Season 2 we'd ordered online! At midnight we stepped outside to see the fireworks & share a kiss on the porch!

2006: We stepped out & shared a drink, a long-distance view of fireworks & frienship with our neighbors at our first condo in Biloxi

2005: I was probably sleeping or watching New York on tv while The Weatherman was working a night shift!

2004: Our first year married, he was also working!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wrapping up Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

I find it hard to believe Christmas has come & gone & that we are on the verge of welcoming our new year 2011. I sometimes find it hard to believe we've already made it this far into our new century! Seems just yesterday it was 1999 and the world was freaking out and stockpiling for the world turning from '99 to '00.

But alas, 2010 has come and gone, for the most part. There are a couple days left, but she'll be 'the past' before we know it. I truly had a very blessed and magical 2010. But I'm saving that post for a few days from now. Today I'd like to wrap up Christmas since this blog did not exist during that time. Although I am saving a few of this year's Christmas crafts for next year! You'll just have to wait!! So here are a few photos to wrap up the holiday season of two thousand and ten:

Christian Military Wives Winter Tea

Ice Skating in Downtown Omaha

Christmas in our New Home

And last, but certainly not least....
Acclimating to Midwest Weather!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Roberts....

This picture CRACKS ME UP. It's like the epitome of the 90's. If only you could see what's below the cutoff... pleather skirt, Esprit clog shoes... NYLONS..

Let's just say it's a BIG HOT MESS! Much like the makeup, hair... fake pearls.... 

Ahh, the 90's. 

But that's when we met. That's when we left an undeniable mark on one another's life. It's when we fell in love but did not know it. College. 1997. His fraternity. My sorority. Bars. Lots of al-kee-hal. Parties. Up-all-nights. Let's just say it was quite the 'party like it's 199(9?)'

And then he disappeared! Totally. Just up & POOF! Gone...

He joined the Air Force & didn't tell a soul. We like to joke he was a recruiter's dream. He was sitting in a recruiter's office with a friend who was finishing up some paperwork - she was getting ready to leave for Basic Training. He was looking around trying to figure out what he was going to do with his life & asks the recruiter "so what do I need to do to sign up?" Yes, that's how it happened....

We reconnected a few times, but finally reconnected for good in 2003. We moved in together & got married. The rest, they say, is history. 

In May 2004, after a long back & forth of "you're going, you're not going," The Weatherman was finally told he WAS going {to Iraq}. We were planning on getting married the next December, but said to one another - "let's do it NOW" - why wait, right? So we planned our wedding in FOUR days.... & here I'll share a little bit of that with you. It was everything I pretty much ever could have imagined our wedding would be - even though everything was absolutely totally different than the 'dreams' in my head. But I wouldn't change a thing...

We started out as a couple at Barksdale AFB in northwest Louisiana. From there, we went to Instructor duty for almost 5 years at Keesler AFB on the Gulf in Mississippi. Our first big PCS came in July 2010, when we moved to Offutt AFB in eastern Nebraska.

As for me, I have my Master's degree in Counseling & am a licensed professional Counselor, but currently I'm just doing some part time work. I would LOVE to get my Ph.D. in Counselor Education after we settle/retire & would enjoy the opportunity to train future counselors in a University setting.

Right now, we have no kids, but hope to change that very soon. We want at least three :)

We have a dog named Charley (a girl) & two cats - a Siamese named Simon (no, we didn't do that on purpose, it wasn't even a thought) & a tortieshell named Shelby.

We LOVE our life in Nebraska!

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